How to Treat Dampness off Wall in Old and New West Midtown Atlanta Apartments

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If you detect dampness on the West Midtown Atlanta apartments walls, you need to take the matter quite seriously. Damp patches lead to numerous issues. They damage the interior of the house, put pressure on the foundation along with bringing about health issues. Dampness also damaged floor boards, and if you have wallpapers, they cause bubbling of the wallpaper. There are several reasons for the dampness in apartments. Common issues of dampness are because of ruined guttering, cracking of roof tile and condensation. Condensation is more common to older apartment construction. Treatment of damp wall in the apartment can be done but then there is certain information which is required, and then the treatment can follow. Inappropriate treatments cause more damage then good-

The time of construction-

The construction of the West Midtown Atlanta apartments needs to be known. Is it old construction or a new one? The older apartments have been made keeping in mind that the walls must be able to breathe, while the newer ones lock out the moisture by the defensive barrier.

Treating the old apartments

Constructions of the old apartments were with insulation of the walls and installing loft so that the apartment remains warm during winter. But this leads to the walls to damp. The warm air circulating in the house comes in contact with the cold window panes and walls and causes patches, and thus we see those damp marks.  Old constructions have two kinds of damp damage. One is rising damp, where the damp rises from the floor. This can be treated by improving the drainage of the property. Sloping floors allow better drainage then flat floors.  Even maintaining space under the floor board allows the moisture to evaporate and thus prevents dampness in the walls.

Then these are penetrating damp which is due to the exterior walls. Regular maintenance of the exterior wall minimizes damp along with sealing near the window and door frames. Keeping the exterior and interior wall condition maintained can lead to healthy walls.

If all these conditions have been taken care of but still there are damp patches all over the wall making your apartment look unhealthy then the issue is nothing but condensation. Condensation is mainly for the new over efficient buildings. Over-improvement of the buildings leads to the development of moisture in the buildings itself because there isn’t any scope of ventilation. Make sure you give a scope for the moist air to move out to prevent wall damage along with furniture damage.