Beltline, Invest Atlanta approve grants for 252 new affordable housing units along trail

Atlanta approve grants

Beltline officials want to secure affordable housing on the Southside Trail before it gets built out.

While designers and construction crews work toward making the Atlanta Beltline a contiguous 22-mile loop, project officials are paving the way for more—and much needed—affordable housing along the path.

Invest Atlanta and Beltline officials green-lighted millions of dollars in grants in recent days to help support the development of two new housing complexes, which will together comprise 252 affordable-living units, leaders say.

On the Southside Trail, the four-mile leg that will link the Eastside and Westside trails, Peoplestown’s 55 Milton would feature 136 affordable units for households taking home between 40 and 80 percent of the area median income.

Just southwest of D.H. Stanton Park, the project will use $2 million from the Beltline Affordable Housing Trust Fund, according to a Beltline blog post.

“Atlanta Beltline Inc.’s investment at 55 Milton represents an effort to proactively secure affordability before trail construction,” the post reads.

Other affordable units on the southside swoop being secured or built with help from the trust fund include apartments at Adair Court, Stanton Oaks, and Trestletree Village.

On the newest extension of the Eastside Trail, stretching from Kirkwood Avenue to Memorial Drive, another $2 million grant from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund will help finance Madison Reynoldstown, officials said.

The $26 million project is planned for Memorial Drive and Chester Avenue, with a section facing the trail.

Madison Reynoldstown. project overviewPraxis 3

The 116-apartment development will have 78 units earmarked for families earning 60 percent of the area median income or less.

Project timelines are yet unclear, and this story will be updated if new information comes to light.

Once the Southside Trail is fully built out—the project secured the land needed to make that possible a year ago, and work to clear the path and engineer the new trail has been ongoing—the Eastside, Westside, and Southside trails will form 10 miles of contiguous paved path.

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